☑ POTW 09/09 - 15/09

Get choosing the unworthy winner

Saw the notification and thought “hang on, I don’t remember posting anything that funny this week” then realised it was an Ant nomination.


They don’t all have to be “funny”

I reward insight, entertainment, the provocation of thought, intelligence as well as humour.


And you will reward them once a week from now on




used to think it was ant’s way of being a right cunt, highlighting whenever someone posted a joke that bombed just to try and put the boot in.


This is quite a hurtful thing for you to have thought

Come on @anon75298087 and whoever else said they were gonna vote for my scary selfie

It’s my first nomination and I’m getting very excited (not in the good way)

I have to say when @kermitwormit was the first one to like my comment about almost pouring myself a glass of olive oil instead of wine I had a vague hope we were about to be treated to a second glorious wine-based anecdote.

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Giving this a few more hours before the winner is declared!

Can’t believe my famous marrow didn’t get a single vote. Devastated for the lad (it’s now in the food disposal)

It was a strong week, it’s definitely not a no-vote level of post

DID I WIN!??!?!?!?!

Oh fffs - but yes!

@moderators light her up!

DONE!! :sweat_smile: