POTW — bit eraly edition


Surely that typo was some sort of DiSism at some point? Can’t remember.

I also couldn’t remember to start this thread in the last couple of weeks, so I’m starting it a day early so I won’t forget again tomorrow. In future, feel free to start this thread on a Friday and just tag me in it.

SO, what has been The Best Post this week? Doesn’t need to have a bunch of likes, all nominations are welcome.




It’s just a mum joke tho


I’m usually opposed to mum jokes as they perpetuate the idea that women are somehow devalued by sex.

That said, the poster, recipient and delivery in this one are all top drawer :+1::+1::+1:


Under appreciated


guys, ‘tombescent’!


‘scent’ means smell




Stop trying to make fetch happen, xylo


I really want to vote for this as I appreciate your efforts

Fucked if I understood it even it context though.


because to be tumescent is to become swollen/engorged you see.

like a… a penis.

so tombescent therefore relates both to the gravey


I don’t get it


mine isn’t swollen




Head’s bone
Head is the head of a penis
Bone is the engorged and hardened shaft

Oh and headstone is the engraved stone at the top end of a grave.


really top-end grave mate. nice one.


Is this the best we’ve got here?

What’s the most liked post of the week? Is there any simple functionality that shows us that?


it’s been a particularly poor week…to the point that we should shut down this topic in general


Bit defeatist, there’s still time


We can only hope