POTW nomination thread 15/04-21/04

Classic Kermy



Anyone feel like taking responsibility for POTW in the coming few weeks? We all know how much chaos it will be if I try to do it myself.

Soooo no poll for this then? Shall we just agree that I won? Excellent :smiley:


Surely someone can pop a poll up? (I would but can’t do linking as I’ve just got my phone and it’d be a faff)

Is there one for this week yet?

You definitely win. It was so good I’ve absolutely shanghaied a nice reply badge just for nominating it.

Nope. FL is on hiatus and I’m drowning in deadlines, so no one’s on the case. Volunteers very welcome!

If someone explains to me how to do the shortened link thing on my phone I’ll do it

(Not that I really want to win or anything :woman_shrugging:)

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@moderators, can someone make this poll please? I am swamped

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I’ll do it tomorrow morning to catch the dayshift if that suits everyone.


Nice one!

Sorry @whiterussian I meant to reply to this earlier. I’m not sure how to work the new site (can’t even figure out how to quote people!) and I’ve got quite a lot of other stuff I’m supposed to be doing so the POTW threads a bit too much of a daunting prospect atm.
But thanks for responding! I hope FL comes back soon. I’m sure I’m not the only one who misses her presence here.