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POTW Vote 09/11/2018 - 16/11/2018

tricklenipple’s footphone for me


not nearly enough anecdotes pay off with “and eventually i just bought an airhorn” imho


Will admit this made me laugh quite a bit


For nominations, can you include the link in your reply?

It takes a while to get this sorted each week, and having the links handy in this thread makes it a lot easier.


Wasn’t sure if he wanted his face in the news


That’s fair enough actually, always a bit of a tricky one to know what to include and what not to with this. I should probably make it clear that anyone who has been nominated or is the subject of a nomination can have theirs removed no questions asked on request (via the moderators).


(I’m fine with it btw!)

I’m very proud of my stupid face



Big fan of those generic gardening gloves being used for this. :smiley:


Enjoyed Antpoc’s avatar being put on Twitter


I bloody love @ma0sm




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