👏 POTW Nominations 10/06 - 16/06

Nominated posts by linking them in here or replying to them and tagging me.

Happy POTWing x

Nominated (through INCORRECT methods) by @tilty


I looked for this thread but couldnt find it :sob:

just tag me when you’re replying :slight_smile:

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Nominated by @tilty

Nominated by @rarity

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Nominated by me



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Thanks joke! X

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I don’t even…


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I would NEVER usually venture into a football thread but ^that was totally worth it :rofl:

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We need someone to take over POTW again for the time being as Joke is taking a wee break from dis atm :slightly_smiling_face:

Obvs don’t want to force it on her, but if she wants to pick it back up then I think @Flashinglight should have first dibs.

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Aw, hope Joke is ok! :hugs:


I’ll pass on it, thanks, as I am still trying to figure out how to not spend too much time here.

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What the hells going on with formatting here?? Cant see any apology

It’s Tone’s tag line!