POTW nominations (week 41)




Yep. Keeping this thread open for nominations ALL WEEK, before the winner is appointed on Friday. This way I hope we’ll get more good posts as they happen. POTW is Friday to Friday, so any good posts (however doubtful) from this weekend must be nominated in here.



POTW nominations week 42

This is my nomination:


I don’t get it


It is a joke nomination because it is a post about me so obviously I would like it

Do you get it now Epimer, now that you’ve ruined it?


Nope, sorry, you’ve lost me.


Hello, and welcome to today’s POTW livestream.

We’re anticipating an aggpass zinger at 16:45
Before then, we’ve got an interview with Ma0sm coming up soon.

Keep your texts and tweets coming in!



He’s early

anti POTW post btw


Actually a very good joke fwiw



If you say so


Looks like somebody hasn’t updated their cultural references for 18 years [eye roll emoji] (S. Lee, London)

Ha ha ha! Terrific stuff! (Barry, Birmingham)

Well! That one was certainly divisive. Keep us ‘posted’ folks!



POTY tbh


Still fuming that whiterussian decided to do away with the panel the only week i said something funny. Bloody conspiracy!


I very much enjoyed this


Just be funny again!



Aye, don’t think that’ll be topped


Has lead me to this bit of wiki

‘Muckefuck, a generic term in Germany for coffee substitutes’

So thank you.