POTW – Nominations



Making this today so as not to clash too much with the quiz tomorrow.

The floor is open to nominations for POTW. I will make a poll tomorrow at some point and give out the award by the end of the working day. PRETTY EXCITING, NO??? Yes, yes it is.


My Pervert of the Week nomination is…



My poopy of the week is the one I made in my nap nap at around midday on Tuesday


Can we ban this guy for ruining my gag, please?


Can I nominate whatever the exact opposite of this post is, please?


My prisoner of the week is Terry Whaite

hahahaha hahaha



Jason Coleslaw

  • Poop poop IN my napnap
  • throw the baby OUT with the bathwater (this works)

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The boards gone a bit tiresome again with all these β€˜jokes’ hasn’t it


enjoyed this (music board post alert)


think the heat’s getting to people


Knock knock


It is warm, definitely


also, hang on, is this post of the week or poster of the week?




Cheers :slight_smile:



Is there a way of working out which post got the most likes in the last week?



If it’s not something from the Elon Musk thread then I’m done with this site again until I need some new music recommendations