POTW of the week πŸ’₯πŸ’₯



What have been your favourite posts in the past week? Lots oflikes or zero likes β€” all are welcome. Who will win the SECOND EVER potw badge!?



Yeah, this was definitely a better thread to do on a Friday


Har har har


@pasefone’s one in the Brexit thread that caused @xylo and @dingaling to go off on an extended plane analogy.


@rich-t vomiting over an electric fence anecdote for me clive


Amazing work from @thedistrict.

Friday selfie thread - the original and the best


I didn’t even get to be sick. Absolute joke.


Woop woop that’s the sound of da olive!


it’s Men’s Health Xylo.


@colinzealuk @tricklenipple Links pls




I withdraw my nomination :slight_smile:


I think we are letting @boothyfearssatan off the hook, here


I vote thus :point_up:t2: