POTW Poll: 22/04-28/04 - Feat. tiebreaker

Two polls this week as we have a run off between @colossalhorse and @laelfy

First up, the main poll:

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cracking up right here

And a run off from the previous week as Gonzo wasn’t enough for @colossalhorse to take the prize from an absolutely withering beast of a post from @laelfy

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I’ve been tagged in this post but can’t see my name?

TBH it wasn’t that good a post so I’m happy to be left off the nominations

No nominations for you last week as far as I could see ccb - POTW: Nominations 22/04-28/04

Me watching the poll rn


it looks like you’ve linked to ccb’s post but said it was juke’s?

Ah balls. So I have. Would edit, but it’ll destroy the votes.

Apologies CCB/Juke! :slight_smile:

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I’ll be honest m-b: your nomination isn’t exactly the strongest one this week.

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(plus it says you’ve linked to it! confused now)

Yeah. It’s in the poll… I just mistakenly attributed it to Juke (who nominated it).

Shall we just share?

I’ll have to consult Gonzo but I’m pretty sure he’ll be cool with that.


Hadn’t actually looked at your post until now - 73 likes!! Not sure I can beat that.

God damn it I just want one morning to go by without having to fight to the death.

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Likes are meaningless here, it’s all about COLD HARD VOTES. And the voters are on your side…for the moment…

(I did laugh at your post a lot tbf. If it wasn’t so tight I’d probably vote for it myself).

I make that wins for @wileycat and @laelfy if everyone’s happy with that?

@anon76851889 @whiterussian I am happy to take this over full time once I’m home if you have no objections?


Sure. I’ll send you a PM later to let you know how I’ve been formatting the polls if you like? And just tag me or @whiterussian in at the end of each one and we can award the badge.


Yes please!