POTW poll for last week

Thanks @anon89873996 for doing the nominations thread, which saw an unfathomable TWO nominations!

Please vote for your favourite. Poll ends at 10pm tonight, badge to be awarded whenever I’m around tomorrow.

I’ll consider this 2nd place instead of last place


hmmm. I meant to click on the link, but it voted automatically when I did so.

Realise I can change my vote, but let this be a warning to those who don’t want to vote but just like clicking on links.

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Have tried different formatting now, which has also deleted all of the previous 5 votes. OOPS.

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It also fucked up the automatic closing of the poll I think but I’m not editing it more now

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is it too late to add this?



Congrats @SenorDingDong!

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Thanks @whiterussian, commiserations to @Tuna.

This reminds me of the time I won the skipping race by default in primary school, after everyone else was disqualified (for illegal technique).

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