🗳 POTW Vote 08/07 - 14/07

Too many nominations. 3 votes each.

@bluto @anon5266188 @anon75298087 @jont2001 @profk

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I’ll be honest, I didn’t really think mine was that funny :man_shrugging:

there’s nothing that DiSers love more than tortured wordplay

btw if Tone doesn’t win this I’m never doing this again

I’ll be honest, I didn’t really get it. (Tone is one of my consistently favourite posters though)

You only gave us 2 votes each LIAR

Yeah soz


mornin’ bump it’s a close one

one vote in it

more votes pls

Hey look! We need a playoff!

Felt like Triceratops was on top for ages

low hanging fruit


I mean that responding to jordan with something sexual about a triceratops being on top was low hanging fruit, nowt to do with your post :wink:


well done @anon5266188! @moderators please do your thing xx

Aw man I clicked just as Jook closed it! Poll literally closed before my eyes!!!

it was on a timer tbf