POTW vote 11/03-17/03

As usual, vote up until Tuesday 1pm, enjoy participating in the democratic process!

Gotta be @Avery for effort and execution


It is very exciting to have a horse in this race for the first time. On a similar note my vote goes to the nightmare horse


Feel like my POTW nomination was a little on the generous side. Some far better posts this week - wish I had an alt account or two to spread my voting.

There’s about three I want to vote for this week

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Might at well vote for the one I nominated

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There are so many deserving winners

The voting is certainly very finely poised right now, at the time I am writing this we have a three post tie, with a fourth only one vote behind.

@whiterussian in the event of a tie, do we award the badge to the joint winners, or hold a runoff vote?

There can only be one POTW! Therefore, a second round of voting wouldnbe required.

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Thanks for the ruling, we’ll see where we are when the poll closes!

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Alright theresa


Wait, we have a post of the week competition?

What a sad way to find out I’ve never been nominated :frowning:

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Calm down, you’ve only been here a week :roll_eyes::grinning:

These posts would all the rage in the UKMT I tell you what

Have you retained dual citizenship or are you putting all you eggs in our basket?


I’m on both but if this kind of treatment keeps up you’ll be left with the dregs of my posts that don’t make the cut for over there :angry:

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…and the winner is:

@anon3515918 :tada:

@whiterussian will award you your badge shortly.


Thanks! I’m going to print it off and wear it for the rest of the week

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