POTW vote 18/02-24/02

Slow week. Vote here until the arbitrary deadline of 1pm on Tuesday!

Sorry @anon82218317 and @epimer, I messed up the poll autoclose so I erased your votes when I fixed it.

Thought I had a shot this week with a 29-liker that wasn’t a picture of my face :frowning:

People have gotten lazy with nominations :frowning:

Other than @AQOS, he is fully committed to the POTW cause.


@kermitwormit has got this in the bag, surely.

I’m sure I made a decent post last week. Can’t put my finger on it though…

You cant because its rotting somewhere on page 10 with zero replies

every week until the end of time at this rate

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Evening bump.

Congratulations once again @kermitwormit :tada:

@whiterussian, give the frog a badge!