☑ POTW Vote 23/09 - 29/09


Skipped Eps nomination for daggers as wouldn’t want to split their vote for the same content, and sorry @ma0sm but a nom with one like isn’t getting in. Might set up that 5 like minimum that was touted before :thinking:

An unusually strong week. Well done DiS.

some good stuff

Aggpass shouldn’t be allowed in as it isn’t his work, as good as it is

My votes go to sheeldz (for FUCKS SAKE man) and icehockeyhair (lovely work)

Let’s get some more votes in, tight at the top!

give it sheeldzy

And the @escutcheon has it! Do your (sexy) thing @moderators

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Also @wikihock was robbed

Could do another “ZEAL LASHES OUT AT POTW JUDICIARY” but I’m sleepy and have too much work to do today


Might get you another solid second place finish :wink: