POTW Vote 29/04 - 05/05


Jamos 🎵 How Good Are They Really 🎵 Radiohead


Ma0sm Corporate double acts

Ma0sm II


Kermitwormit HGIIR: 69ing

  • Jamos
  • Vamos
  • Ma0sm
  • Ma0sm II
  • chadders
  • Kermitwormit

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Sorry for the crappy formatting but there you go.


any more votes?


formatting of this is all over the shop jook

you’ve got to put links on a separate line for the little preview box to appear


yeah i’ve got the hang of it now, did this on my phone and it’s a ballache so took the easy route

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Calling it, @kermitwormit wins yet another post of the week! Congrats kermy!

@whiterussian are you still dishing the badges out? :slight_smile:


I am certainly more than happy to do so! (Any mod can grant badges to people though.)

Congrats again, kermy!


Cool I’ll tag in moderators in future, thanks wr!

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Thanks WR and juke :blush: x

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I forwarded details of my formatting style to Juke earlier, so hopefully we’ll be cool next week

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I did it right in the PotM thread earlier (I think)

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