POTW Vote: F.R.I.E.N.D.S Mega edition 15/04-21/04

Hi team, since @anon89873996 is away for now I’m hosting this week’s (late) potw poll.

Man… FL does a superb job. That took ages to pull together!

oh you bastard

i was so close to finishing creating this poll :smiley: you wait forever for a POTW bus…

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this is such a strong week

so withering from @laelfy. @shrewbie and @kermitwormit being @shrewbie and @kermitwormit. @bamnan’s jizzing roadsign. @cutthelight’s incredible Friends post. @colossalhorse and Gonzo. Haven’t got a clue where to stick my vote.

Open to bribery juke?

you know I am.

but having said that… @colossalhorse took that photo cos I asked him to. And @kermitwormit made an entire gif just to have my back. So it’s gonna take a fair old wedge to betray those too (but I am open to offers).

It’s my own fault for posting that pic in such a stacked week. In a way it was it’s own reward though - any time I’m feeling shitty now I look at that photo and can’t fail to feel better.

Wouldn’t say no to a cut of the bribe though. Just sayin’.

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there’s only one you called your ‘favourite post ever’ though :thinking: :wink:

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see! I think i’m gonna just abstain. I don’t want to hurt anyone.