POTW vote for 03/03-10/03

Choose your favourite, poll closes Tuesday 1pm

Actual poll is a few posts down

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one of those weeks where it feels like we should have two awards, one for lols and one for awws

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Oh shit, how did I leave that off.

Ok, sorry for the fuck up. I ran out of time to edit the OP poll, so here is the full one:

Sorry, @Scunner and @kermitwormit you will habe to recast your votes.

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@moderators could one of you please put a note in the first post to say the proper poll is a few posts down maybe?

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Thanks @jazzballet.



Congratulations to @anon19035908, who wins in a close contest by a single vote.

@whiterussian, give the man a badge!


Thanks mainly have to go to the incredible Mrs Funkhouser on this one.

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