POTW vote for 08/04-014/04

Busy week, this one. Vote until tomorrow lunch. Go!

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April fools!


Don’t know what you’re on about.

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Can’t decide which @Scunner to vote for.

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Separate JOTW (Juke of the week) poll!

It’s the word ‘anyway’, before the last paragraph that’s swung my vote :rofl:

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Also needs the one where he burnt down that restaurant.

when can I expect the inquest to start?



Can’t believe my bees-eyes post didn’t make it.

Three way tie at the moment!

Tough week - gotta give my personal runner-up prize to CTL


Any late votes?


As per instructions I have been left by @anon89873996, we are now having a poll between the three winners of the original poll, as they got the exact same number of votes. HOW EXCITING!

Closes TOMORROW at 3pm (if I’ve got the time zone stuff right in the poll formatting, that is)

voting for myself cos I’m that kind of guy

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I was with FL all the way until the last sentence of Juke’s post.

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Same. FL had, in her instructions to me, edited out her own post though and I didn’t think that was fair.