POTW vote for last week (11/02-17/02)

Here was the nomination thread:

Here is where you can vote:

Poll closes at the end of tomorrow then @whiterussian will award a shiny new POTW badge :badger:

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Omg @kermitwormit

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Daytime BUMP.

Would not normally vote for myself, especially in such a strong field, but I really believe that my nominated post should serve as an example to others (e.g. @anon5266188) of the standard that they should be striving for. Thank you.


Go, and I mean this sincerely, fuck yourself Senor Ding Dong.

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Goodness me.

Another shite week

We have a gif of someone getting a tooth oulled out what are you talking bout

…and that someone is our winner! Congratulations @kermitwormit

Thank you for voting everyone, make sure to nominate any worthy candidates in this week’s thread if you find them.