Pound shops



when did you last go to a pound shop?

What did you buy?

Recently: coathangers; a little container with a tap on the side, which now dispenses coffee in the mornings.


Ages ago. Cleaning products.


while the enthusiasm here is low, the answer is succinct. Thank you.


Some non-unionised Mexican equivalent Tupperware, I think.

There’s a 97p shop in Stevenage. I haven’t been in.


Sorry, my heart wasn’t in that reply. All the best for your thread, friend.


December. Bought a tree’s worth of Christmas decs for a fiver.

Mrs HYG went to one yesterday and scored a load of brand name baby weaning stuff for a quid a pop. Tommy Tippee spoons and everything! This is now the Dadsnet thread.


annoyingly specific


About two weeks ago because I needed change for the car park in Burton. It’s the closest shop to the pay & display and as a result must absolutely rake it in.

I bought some of those Choco Liebniz chocolate wafer things that are incredible.


Also some chocolate because it’s hard to resist.


this is a great answer thankyou


A pack of four disposable lighters


Umbrella. Was caught in the rain and bought one. It broke quite quickly but worth the initial pound.


bought Blade 2 and a pack of AA batteries last week


Probably about 6 weeks ago. Went to Poundland’s because they sell 20-packs of Biscoff.


There’s a 95p shop in Leytonstone. I have been in.


the double sign is madness


:smiley: impulse buying blade 2!


You need to get trading standards on that sign(s).


MOST items 95p :smiley:


Last time we went in one was the other week, I think. We got some little plastic plant pots.