Pound shops



punches xylo in the arm and runs off giggling


quite liked it - better than the first


I think most items ARE 95p.

(There used to be a 99p Stores a few doors down, which is where the price war came from)




I bought lots of plant pots and plant feed.


I do love a pound shop (Poundland only, none of your Pound World rubbish - a man’s gotta have a code).

Usually stock up on Arm & Hammer toothpaste, Aquafresh alcohol free mouthwash, batteries and Original Source hand soap.

Will usually peruse the CD/DVD section too. CDs often have some mid 00s/Britpop entertainment that I will stick in the car - from memory have picked up Goldie Lookin’ Chains’ Greatest Hits, the Dubstar album, Wake Up Boo and Free The Bees earlier this year. Can occasionally pick up some top notch horror flicks on DVD too (have nabbed Absentia, Pontypool, Spring, Cheap Thrills in the past).

Also, Halloween tat :thumbsup:


There could only be one winner:


That can’t have been good value for money, just from a length perspective.


yeah double agreed. It had a better premise although of course blade 1 needed to exist for it to ‘work’.

And of course that was the end of the series. there were only two blade films


I believe the joke was that their debut album was actually named Greatest Hits.


If you rotate the view from my link to the left, you’ll see the Leytonstone Poundland only a few doors up. The 99p Stores was never going to last.


2 weeks ago. Cling film and kitchen foil.


I’m feeling deep shame at my lack of GLC knowledge now. Deep, burning shame.


On my last visit I got:

  • A bag of coconut mushrooms
  • Five packs of noodles
  • A scented candle (vanilla)

And like @Petagno, I go every year for Halloween equipment. Last year I got:

  • A little ghost inside a globe. When you press a button it makes a “magic” sound effect, he says “happy Halloween!”, and loads of bits of polystyrene swirl around him like snow.
  • A black tumbler with integrated orange straw and a skeleton design on the side.
  • Two plastic goblets, one clear one purple, both shaped like skulls.

Their CDs are good too! Think I’d have to pick up Free The Bees on principle, love that album.


The 98p shop on Kingsland Road is holding firm though.

I have no idea when I last went to a Poundland. Yes, now you mention it I imagine my butler probably went for me.


How ironical!

(It was actually their seventh album :hushed:)


One of the band members is now a local councillor.


quick kind of related note:

Flanders and Swann’s compendium of animal-related songs was called the Bestiary of Flanders and Swann.


Last Wednesday.

Bought loads of shit batteries, sweets, breakfast bars, inflatable pillow and a small mallet.

Proper serial killer shop that. All I needed was a roll of duct tape.


Top fact! I didn’t realise that.

Also, I love the fact that it’s impossible to tell if their “Occasional / part time members” list is real or totally made up: