Pound shops



Love a bit of Goldie Lookin’ Chain. Fond uni memories of the Greatest Hits album :smiley:


go to the Catford Centre one semi-regularly, last time it was a sanding block and some cleaning products, maybe toothpaste and definitely face wipes


There’s a good Adam & Joe Show sketch where they buy loads of murder shit from a hardware store and keep going back for more stuff to get meat out of a drain, etc. Can’t find it on Youtube so you’ll have to make do with this evocative description.


Isn’t this where @japes got that pot of white chocolate deliciousness from? I’ve been meaning to go hunt some out.


about two weeks ago for a screw driver


I really want to go to a pound shop now, to buy loads of sweets.


went to a € shop the other day and bought bin bags and scissors


I always have to resist the urge to buy loads of big bags of Tangfastics, even though I don’t think £1 is a particularly good deal on those.


Well, how big was the bag?



You’re right, that is NOT a good deal. They’ll be hearing from my MP.


Walked past the Partick one everyday on my way home from work, sometimes pop in for some Lotus biscuits.


Well now I know where I’m going the next time I’m in Stevenage.


(the big Tesco next to the 97p shop)


A while back for a massive pack of bourbon biscuits.


Notebook and some pens


About 2 years ago. Bought some travel toothbrushes where the case is also the handle. They were predictably shit.

The old shopping centre above birmingham new street station used to have a pound shop, a 99p shop and a 98p shop


Bought some absolute bargains from Poundland this year including a Mexican cookbook and American Hustle on DVD. Best ever purchase from a pound shop has to be a comedy disembodied arm


Mum got me one of these for Christmas once. When she told me to take it out of the car boot (a good few days before she noticed), I hung it out of the piano. Genius.


This one shook and made a noise for hilarious kidnapping pranks