Pound shops



I saw a comedy “santa hanging out the car boot” thing the other day. It was really grimey and it’s July


Could have been a legitimate Santa kidnapping. Probably easier to abduct them out of season when they’re away from their grottos


Tell you what’s not on: Poundland now has loads of things on the shelves that aren’t £1. They had a phase of having a few things behind the tills at a premium, but now there’s whole shelves of £5+ stuff.

This has led to me asking the guy in Poundland ‘how much is this?’ on more than one occasion, which feels like the set up for a shit Peter Kay joke.

Where’s the fully irked thread?


Looks like some people are getting FURIOUS about it apparently- http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/shoppers-left-furious-poundworld-starts-10673271


Point of order, that article is about scummy Poundworld not Poundland (which is a totally different retail experience)…


I would say 4 weeks ago, for £1 earphones. They lasted less than a week.
I have since bought some that cost £6 or so which are better and have not yet disintegrated. Thanks for listening!


Another 3 weeks or so and you’ll have your money’s worth


I’m expecting a good 6 months to a year out of these gimmicks no danger


About 2 months ago to buy 3 bottles of highland spring water (it was on the fridge and very cold which was appreciated)




Probably when I was at home at Christmas, I would’ve been in with my dad probably.


February. Bought a two pack of Bic biros* and a Pepsi Max Cherry and a Coke Zero Cherry**.

*4-colour jobbers - legit official ones, but slightly shorter than the usual - still well worth the quid, though compared to full-length full-price ones in WH Smiths.
**did a blind taste test of them at home later that day - result: PMC > CZC - neither are a match for Dr Pepper Zero or Pepsi Max Ginger, though, obviously.


PMG is near proof of god


I had a Pepsi Max ginger the other night. Was a bit weird.

The Ocado man is bringing me a bottle of rum later, so might give it a go with that.



This morning! Bought two small paddling pools for my ducks. We have a pond but thought they’d enjoy them. And they do. Ducks.


Pics pls.


you have ducks?!?!?!


Sure thing, soon as I get home :slight_smile:


Two ducks, nine hens, two rabbits, one dog, one human