Pour your gin and your whisk(e)y down the sink cos here comes the 🥳 official DiS rum thread 🥳

So who likes a nice rum then?

Inspired by some rum chat with @anon19035908 in the ‘cup of tea’ thread.

Please use this thread to chat about your favourite rums or whatever. Mine is still Kraken, the first dark spiced rum I tried.


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Mount, Gay


Well, it is Thursday.

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Not a big rum drinker, but have this bottle for use in cocktails


These 2 are fucking delicious but a bit down-here centric

Think DMF is widely available now though, the original one is best and the hemp one is interesting


Quite partial to a Havana 7 too.

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there’s not that much to say about rum is there

That’s the spirit!


used to go to a restaurant in Brno which claimed to have the biggest rum collection in Europe. bottles EVERYWHERE.

Hate rum, I had a Sex on the Beach every time I went.

My father in law likes to get a bottle or two of extremely, extremely posh rum every year. The really expensive Diplomatico.

But truth be told, we did a blind taste test where we had a £40, £80, £100 & £200 pound sample and I preferred the first two. I’m so classy.

Anyway, I didn’t think I liked rum but I think I do like rum

This is a good choice for cocktails.

Very partial to spiced rum myself and love a mojito. Recently had this which is one of the nicest rums I’ve had for a rum and coke;

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Also The Box in Barcelona is brilliant for rum. They do loads of ones that are infused with fruit and other things. De-licious.


I do enjoy just a little drop of kraken every now and again.

Currently 4 litres of it in the house.

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Can’t fault a few rums if you’re having a good long night out. Few alcohols have the same buzz imho but not one for everyday

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Pirate country

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Do I need to get rid of all my “It’s Gin O’Clock!” merch?

I used to stash a bottle of bacardi in the unscrewed side of my hi fi unit at school.

rum and coke is a great festival drink to have in 2 litre bottles cause its fine when warm

quite partial to the kraken but don’t really do spirits that much these days

Mount Gay neat is lovely

I’m afraid so

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I enjoy it neat on ice but also with coke

Just finished this at the weekend was nice.