this is interesting. Capx is something of a coldly pragmatic site but this article is worth a read.


That Norberg fella’s been getting quite a lot of traction for his book, I’ve noticed.

And yeah global trends for absolute poverty are very enouraging, wouldn’t say otherwise.

Relative poverty in countries like the UK though… different story. Shouldn’t conflate the two.


CapX is a right wing website, on the extreme end of the conservative party.

And good grief, a lot of those stats are really shaky.


ooh i just had a bit of a read through the various articles on there to check how legit it was and apart from some salacious headline/clickbait work it doesn’t seem too contro? maybe that’s the point though.

why are the stats shaky? not me arguing, more interested


oh okay hah i just scrolled down


It is so much more humane for people to die working in sweat shops than die ploughing fields.




Yes mate!


yeah hang on i’d like to fully wash my hands of that site. it all seemed so logical and then you get ‘in defence of trump care’ popping up a few scrolls down :-/


this is how they get you, man


That ‘most important graph in the world,’ is utter rot. Skewing the scale of the graph and using GDP as a measure of poverty across the sweep of history is so laughable as to be ridiculous.


This is what happens when you begin with a conclusion, xylo :wink:




this site (DiS) has radically changed my basic worldviews you know, but i still find myself being caught out by capitalism-based optimism and thinking ‘oh well that’s good then’.

i think it’s one of the reasons i tend to post stuff like this here, because if it gets a pass without certain people going ‘xylo are you fucking serious’ it’s probably worth looking into further


ha ha xylo’s an alt-right


please don’t punch me in the face.


Tbh debating is a lot more constructive on new DiS, maybe because of the glaring absence of certain people but maybe also because of the form. The tone seems lighter, less vicious in general. It’s changed a lot of my views too, especially about consumerism and relationships/parenthood and such. Even work, weirdly.


But economics is a science isn’t it

Safety wink


yeah. i feel happy in general bringing stuff that confuses me or throws my thinking to the table here, because usually someone will clear it up. economics/politics in particular in fact.


Oh, that’s fine then. Only 127.5 million people will be suffering from poverty under the best possible scenario in 13 years time. Job done everyone.