Power Cuts

When was the last time you had one? Remember having them a lot as a kid, but can’t remember the last one I had tbh. maybe over 5 years ago?

they were pretty regular when i was a kid but yeah nothing really in a long time, apart from the trip switch going off

weird though innit. the family tradition of gathering in the living room under candlelight for a couple of hours when the telly wasn’t on- finished.

I am a tory.

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hopefully once we’re out of the EU we’ll all have faulty power lines again. bring back power cuts.


Maybe 4 years ago? We used to get loads when I was a kid because the set up for the local area was a bit weird. They fixed it eventually but throughout my childhood we’d have a power cut lasting a couple of hours several times a year.

Would be much easier to endure in the era of mobile phones

In December 2016. Fucking love Ireland me.

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Had one a few years ago when I was visiting the parents. One of my old pals who still lived nearby was there as well. Got the old stash of lego out, it was great.

Don’t think we’ve had one since we moved in to this place nearly 3 years ago.

Had one at work about 6 months ago that knocked out all but one computer in our office. Everything else in the building was fine, including the coffee machine in our office, but we were sat around doing nothing for about 4 hours. That was good fun.

My gf had one two weeks ago. Didnt stop the locals in the boozer supping in darkness

Had one in May 2013 at work. We all got sent home at half ten in the morning, one of the best days ever.

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a couple of years ago when i was visiting my parents, we were walking back from the next village and noticed that the lights were out in the pub, by the time we reached the house we realised there was a powercut. was fine except i couldn’t watch match of the day

I used to like the oil lamps coming out for the occasion

Had a house party a few years ago. The power went at about 2:30am, and everybody left. Excellent timing.


Yesterday at uni. Classic Doris.