Power-hosing driveways

Seems like an abominable waste of water, imho. can anyone make an argument for it?

Looks like great fun

Where’s the driveway? Sudan?

wey al jus leave my driveway caked in dirt to save you an extra bit o water ya fucking weapon

Get to show your neighbours how desperate your life is

Fewer chemicals than other methods of cleaning.

Plus you can shoot the pressure washer into the sky and go “AAAAAAAAA”

Technically correct (the best kind of correct).

NB: I don’t have a driveway. And I’ve done my patio once since buying the pressure washer 18 months ago

why the pressing need to clean the ground though

Someone should make a power washer you can use indoors

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Because it’s a laugh mate

Don’t want to get dirt on it

True story:

When we were kids I had some proper neurotic jeb-end neighbours. Every day on the way to school, me and my mate would just walk over the end of their driveway (it curved out into the street), and the woman would come out and angrily sweep it after us (as if we had altered the appearance/cleanliness of the driveway in any way).

in fairness the neighbour’s driveway does look pretty nice right now.

Would be a shame if someone did a poo on it eh…


Go on mate! Shit on his drive and post about it on here! We dare you, all of us!


Just imagine someone blasting your nuts with one of those suckers. Oooooft!

keep going

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Fucking hell, DiS, I’d not even opened the thread…

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