PowerPoint / Photo slideshow help

I need to make a slideshow for an awards ceremony out of a bunch of photos. I have the photos and typically use Apple devices. How can I easily make a slideshow with some wipes and transitions and background audio that can then be saved as a video file and embedded into a PPT presentation?


If u search for a slideshow app there may be one that’ll automate it for you

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My iphone has a built in feature to make one but you can’t save/export it. I’ll have a look on the app store and on my macbook

Why not just copy the pictures you want to individual slides and do all the transition stuff in PowerPoint itself?

yeah that’s my fallback option and then to play some audio over the top (I think you can embed an audio file in PPT)

You have an Apple laptop and Keynote?

aye, never used keynote before though

dunno mate
use loads of



Oh, OK. It’s the same as PowerPoint really.

Right - this might be overcomplicating it massively, but…

Just stick a photo on each slide, then go to File > Export To > Movie and set how long you’d like each photo to hold for.

You can then use Quicktime to add audio - just open the movie and drag an MP3 into the player window.

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You can also get PPT to do this for you. If you go “insert” and then “photo album”.

It can put each picture onto a new slide. Then you just need to add the transitions you want (can do it globally)

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Yeah I’ve just been fiddling with this and think it’s probably the best way! I use PPT daily for work but never really for things like this. Seems like the photo album with music playing in background will work nicely. No need to try and make videos and things

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Yeah that’s what I’d do :slight_smile: Also work-proficient in PPT… Sometimes helpful for extra-curricular stuff too!

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Also a work colleague mentioned you can export the PPT slideshow as a video itself. Which is an alternative method

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Do macs still come with iMovie? If so that might be an easy way to make and export a slidshow - just treat the photos as you would film footage and drag them on the timeline for the length you want them