PPI claims and all that


What do you do when you get PPI calls? Do you swear at them, string the along, bite, what? I’m try to be courteous and thank them for their time and hang up - at the end of the day these are people who need the job rather than want it - I assume. Do you have any good tales of handling unwanted calls? Should we be pissed off with the callers? Is there anything we can do? Dammit?


Just say I’m not interested and ask them to remove my number from their database.


They tend to be automated. I hang up.


which they never do. just block the number…innit


Does that work, or do you keep getting calls?


Think eventually someone did it. Haven’t had a call in months, thinking about it


Hmm, maybe I’ll try that then…


In fact I just have.


never answer my phone.

to anyone


Just tell them you have already claimed your PPI. You can only do it once, so that will certainly make that company take you off their database.
For what it’s worth, if you’ve not done it, you probably should. It’s your money. I might not use a cold caller though.


But I haven’t had any PPI (to my knowledge)…


Just answer it and let them sit there saying ‘Hello?’ for about 30 seconds until they hang up.


Nice one - I’ll try that next time too…


If you’re at a loose end, you can always go along with it for a bit and waste a few minutes of their time.