I’m going to Prague in May for my birthday and for anniversary celebrations. Anyone got any recommendations? We like the following things … coffee, food, museums, art galleries, beer wank, churches made from the skulls of humans. I’ll obviously be researching this to death but I thought I’d ask incase you were aware of some hidden gems or particularly rated something. Thank you lots :smiley: :thumbsup:


Beer wank


Walk up petrin hill and have a beer at the top/go see the observation tower/get the fernicular back down.

We never did the fernicula cos it was a beautiful sunny day. Fun fact: when walking down there was a man sat alone under the fernicular bridge listening to “all by myself” which was quite bittersweet.


Theres a small franz kafka museum aswell which was ok and cheap.


Awwoooo, that looks cool! Thanks!

And aw, was he sobbing into his Ben & Jerry’s whilst doing so?


Some czech graffiti i enjoyed


There’s a pretty sweetl restaurant in the belfry of a clock tower, I forget what it’s called but you could pop in a hunch and pretend to be Quasimodo.


I absolutely will!!

I’m excited for your venture to Copenhagen! I loved it!


i don’t even wanna know :wink:


You’ll love Prague, it’s a really beautiful city. It’s so wee that you can walk everywhere pretty much.

Thanks love, really canny wait to get out there now. Gonna miss Tivoli Gardens by one day though, it reopens the day after we leave :fearful:


Beer wank:

If that’s tl;dr:

  • Have one drink at U Fleků

  • Try and have at least one drink at U Zlatého Tygra

  • Drink everything at U Medvídků


If you get tired of meat/potatoes/dumplings/ or are vegetarian, I recommend this place:


Aw no! I missed Tivoli Gardens too!! Honestly, I missed quite a lot whilst I was there, January was a silly time to visit BUT It just means we’ll have an excuse to go back which is no bad thing, it’s the kind of place that deserves more than one visit.

And thanks! I’m really excited!! The bf has been a couple of times for Prague Death Mass but has never had the chance to actually explore the city properly because he’s been so busy with the festival but it means he’s already quite comfortable with knowing how to get to and from certain places like the airport, etc which is always nice. We can be slightly nervous travellers when we first arrive places.


Exactly this! Ah sounds like you’ll be grand, you don’t even need to have one of those hazy finding-your-feet morning/afternoons, you can get straight on with your beer wank.


WOW, this place looks mad. Thank you! … I think I did myself some serious damage from meat inhalation when I visited Krakow years ago.

@hip_young_gunslinger Is this you? I am in the process of reading it now, excellent reading! Really appreciate the link. It’s making me want to crack open a beer and it’s not even 10 o’clock yet.


It is! You can tell from the terrible pun titles.


The John Lennon pub is a great place to eat If you’re there for lunch, have the beef goulash.
The wall near to it has some good graffiti on there, with some good meanings


Upon my prague researching travels I’ve discovered this random death lift -


Bumpity bump.

Going it September, excited now.


I really do.

P.s. bump. Didn’t realised I’d bumped it before.