I really liked the bar that brings your pint out on a train.

I’m bumping because I’m going here on the 26th July.

The person I’m going with is vegetarian.

Any Czech veggie experience or recommendations?

No but I’ll ask my veggie friend

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This place is cool and good appaz, never been myself like

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Going in September for a few nights, if anyone can recommend somewhere cool to stay then hit me up

I’m going to be in Prague three weeks today!

Really struggled for good veggie options in prague, then found thus in the last evening: was well good.

Going to Prague in a week. Wahoo!


I’ll be there Friday 26th till the Monday.

Will wave if I see you on the Charles Bridge.

I’m only in Prague until quite early Friday then shooting off to Fluff Fest.

Just checking it out. Looks cool.

Have fun.

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I’m working there in Sept for a week

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I’m bumping this as I am going to be there Friday to Monday, and I am sober so, help would be good.

Looking for things to do when the rest of my party and fucked in the AM, like breakfast places, bikes to rent or whatever, tips on good veggie/vegan places (already noted the above) and maybe a helping hand on how much cash to take.


Prorague parliament

That bridge is good in the morning before all the tourists/people looking for tourist dollar ruin it.

Loving Hut (vegan place with loads of choice and is pay by weight) was the only place I remember being good.

Other than that just had falafel wraps at kebab places as was very good, almost Berlin standard.

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There’s a park in the Andel area that is beautiful in the mornings, there are lots of steps but the view is worth it

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