Morning people, I’m at work already, coffee to hand. Praise the sun. It’s over to you…


Just occurred to me that it’s 6am and pitch black outside. Winter is coming.


Yeah got about three hours. Going back after I’ve had a smoke too


Funny, my left ear felt blocked this morning but I cured it by blasting the Number of the Beast album on my way into work. Who needs doctors when we have Iron Maiden!

Easy enough to register with a doctor, pop into a reception when you get chance. Likely to get busy here, not being rude if I don’t reply.

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Did you say you’re buying me a five guys?

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only one?

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Been awake on and off all night sweating and shivering and sneezing. Got up for a wee and shivered so violently that I walked into the door. Can’t afford to call in sick so off to work in a bit :grimacing:

Get well soon Funkity. Iron Maiden cured my head cold this morning immediately. Hopefully a Motorhead HGATR will cure you too. Seriously though, hope work flies by, get a Lemsip down you.


The turn in this, 2:15 in is so damn joyous, so feelgood, so… it’s fantastic.

Are the other 2 televised where not specified?


Having a cooked breakfast at some point.

Kinda of forgot how much money you can spend when out and about. Felt like I had to buy stuff from the art gallery shop and independent bookshop.

Off to see Tenet at the earliest showing. Only 2 other groups booked in so hope it stays that way.

Get anything good from the bookshop?


Also in rhe bad ear club but it seems less bad than yesterday.

R is out for a chunk of the day eith his dad so I will either nap it all or read I reckon.

Going to club a film tonight too, probably watching Jane Eyre if anyone wants in.

Hope all the unwell disers get well soon x

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I got this book that looked good but haven’t looked at since, seemed to be a book of Iraqi poetry but based on a anti-arts report from the Iraqi government or something. Had an elegant cover anyway


Got a poll for yous:

“It’ll come in”

  • I know and use this phrase
  • Have heard this phrase but dont use it
  • What you taking about?

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(As in ‘I’m sure it’ll be useful at some point’)

Anglos a Sunday my Lords, ladies, non binaries, proles, and squirrels.

My bed is so cosy this morning, put the winter duvet on so of course, I was too hot to sleep in the night, but its lovely now.

M is going to freak when I break it to her I’ve no money to go for Sunday croissants today. Also, that means all day at home and I cant cope with that much child-entertaining :grimacing:


Morning. Stayed at my in laws last night. Wine fuelled chat until late. Off to Polesden Lacey today to meet my wife’s ATDs for a walk.


Woke up with killer headache and awful dry lips in the night.

Had nurofen at 4 and paracetamol now. Going to lounge in bed for a bit and hope it improves as I have stuff to get done.

@anon19035908 take it steady, are you on zero hours? Remember the hardship fund xxx


Morning all, I did not want to get up today. It’s so fresh and clear here this morning, it’s beautiful. Going to get out for a walk avec dog pretty soon I hope (this is dependent on some work stuff). Hope everyone’s Sunday goes okay.

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Nah just won’t get paid if I miss a day. Feel a bit better now, just got a head full of gunk.

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