Prank Calls

Used to make a lot of these as a kid (141). Most are pretty malicious, but I like it when they’re just weird.

This one’s good

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Never very good are they but I like this ozzie lad’s reinvention.


Weird that you kept count of how many you made


chris morris phoning up the newsagent


I once phoned the operator from a public payphone and once I’d managed to catch my breath from all the snickering asked to speak to Buzby.

I got a very terse response that if I was old enough to know who Buzby was I was too old to be making prank calls. They then cut off the payphone for three days and I got a huge bollocking from my mum because that payphone was the only way some people in the village had to call the doctor.

Stuck to prank calling friend’s parents after that


Jesus this had absolutely 100% done me and I was walking to Tesco at the time

I used to enjoy calling the direct line to the morrisons grocery dept where I worked pretending to be a doddery old dear struggling to get her words out, having lengthy coughing fits, forgetting what she’d asked and then forgetting it was her that made the call
Typically along the lines of:

Ooooh hellloooo.
Do you sell. Erm. Potatoes?? Ooh good
Do you sell…. Apple sauce? Lovely
Do you. Erm.
Erm. Sorry deary
Where was I? Do you sell potatoes?
-lengthy coughing fit-
Hello, Bradford 621 489 Joan speaking
Who is speaking? Morissons? And how may I help you?



Good post/username :+1:

Yes. we used to call up people doing this sort of thing and then laugh A LOT

“let me talk to your mother. who is your daddy? I’m Adam Gibson, I would like to talk to you about Thomas Aquinas”


I regularly leave one of my best friends voicemails where I pretend I’m calling from a sex shop. It’ll be things like “good afternoon Mrs xxx, just a courtesy call to let you know that the triple XL glow in the dark dildo you ordered is now in stock and ready for collection”. Super childish but it really makes me laugh.


Wish you could mute people on here tbh

Colleague was involved in some beeves on one of those customer service online chat things.

Went into the little office-within-an-office and called her, pretending to be a supervisor from the call centre, taking a dim view of her getting stroppy with my operative.

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Can’t believe this didn’t get a bigger response. It’s the best one by miles

Who is your daddy and what does he do?

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