Pre-christmas fenino then?


Can’t promise Bamos for this one I’m afraid, but you never know…


Yes please.


count me as probably likely to forget about it and bow out at the last minute but with the small chance i might attend


Not gonna lie, I’m going to struggle to get along to one pre-Christmas, unless it’s on the 9th December. Every other weekend post half-term is busy :confused:

But on the offchance that everyone else can do the 9th December: count me in! :beers: :dog: :skip:


Would love to, but let’s be honest, the chances of me actually making it are slim. You never know though.


Everyone should just go to the my vitriol gig


Might go to that gig with a print out of the threads and ask them to sign their masterpiece


We’ll read it out as the support act.



After the success of bamos at the last one, can we see if colonol_k has any fen-related travel plans? Thanks.


I can’t do 9th :frowning:


Ahm in.


Aye alright.


Could probably do the 16th at a stretch?


Yes! As long as it’s not the weekend of 7th December.



  • 16 Dec
  • Save it for the new year, man

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@shucks @saps @83746725 as well as everyone who’s already replied of course, and anyone else who may be interested!


100% yes


yes! @Insincere_Dave is IN






insincere looks REALLY weird if you look at it for too long