Pre-christmas fenino then?


I only really sampled The Elm Tree and The Mill.


The mill is always full of people from my work, so i avoid it. Elm tree is decent, but there’s a good half dozen like that or nicer.





Is this happening?



well, i’m up for it


Excellent. Looks like a good number on the poll (though I swear that @Raanraals doesn’t actually exist)


People still up for this then??

Where/when shall we meet?

In true christmas fen tradition, we shall be speed skating on the frozen river cam for a large part of the day (weather permitting).








YES :slight_smile:

(the TVGF/Mrs Sadpunk is also coming)


I’m out :frowning: :frowning:

Got double booked like aaaaages ago and so I’m not around. Sorry - will make it up to you in the new year x


Boo! Thats a shame.

Shall we say… 4 at the Devonshire?

@shucks @saps @sadpunk @83746725 @Raanraals @Bamnan @therestofya


And @Epimer ?


Christ, not that cunt.


Good with me. I will be wearing a Christmas jumper because I’m a twat.


Ha ha. Oops. I always get you and raanraals mixed up


Poor Raanraals.


I’m gonna be a bit later because I have to go to something, but honey and I shall be there.


Still not a certainty, either way.

I’m hoping this makes me seem more exciting.


I am definitely in for this Fenino. Devonshire just after 4 is achievable for me.