Pre-Christmas Lidl big shop later, wish me luck...

They scan far too fast, there’s always some smart arse quick to advise that you’re meant to put your stuff back in the trolley and bag up on the back bench, and how do you know how many bags you’ll need in advance? Absolute nonsense unless you’re an own bags nerd.

Very stressful. I shouldn’t be having to do this sort of thing myself nowadays really.

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Good luck

Do you not have self checkouts?

Good luck champ. We’re all routing for you.

make up your mind


Who do you think you are?


In Lidl?

Isn’t everyone an own bag nerd nowadays?


Good luck mate, rooting for you

Everyone brings their own bags in 2020, I’m afraid


Another shameless cash-in…


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Mine does

Haven’t used a manned checkout in years

the one near where I used to work was always full of big-shoppers right on lunch time, they really need an express lane like I don’t want to wait half an hour just to pay for a sandwich

During these UNPRECEDENTED TIMES I’ve been a ‘scan as you shop’ wanker. Enjoying it


I do that in big Tesco, it’s an absolute joy

Yeah I’ve been scanning as I shop at Bo’s. Always have to remember to hit the booze aisle first to pad the bottom of the trolley with the heavy. Stuff but then it’s very easy and good

Last day of the work year, isn’t it. I’ll mainly be floating around the office thanking people for their hard graft. After lunch we’ll have a glass of champagne and I’ll tell everyone (well most people) they’re getting a bonus and can go home early. The mood will be celebratory, my suit’s immaculate, i’ll have a sore shoulder from all the pats on the back, i’ll be cheered out of the room like a retiring pugilist. I’m absolutely, categorically, 100% not ending the scene getting into a Robin Hood taxi with an armful of scrunched-up carrier bags.


never once have i ever scanned as i shopped

i’m not against it or anything, just always forget it’s a thing until i’m at the checkouts wondering why no one is using those weird ones on the end

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Omg you need to get on this. Pack as you go so no need to balance too much stuff on the self service scale. No annoying messages from the self scan checkouts. Glide past the queues of people waiting for the self checkouts because scan as you go is always empty. Being able to double check that something is the right price. Big fan.

Good luck big man, we’ve did our Big Shop™ on Monday, but going again next Monday for THE BOOZE SHOP. Gonna be mad isn’t it. In, self-scan, out. Hoping to do it ninja style in <30 minutes.