Pre-evening thread

i’m just sitting in my car
for my
girrrrrrrrreeeeevening thread.

what will you be doing while you wait for the evening thread? or will YOU be the evening thread maestro?

let me know.

Prevening :cow: :cow: Making a Thai curry. Eaten over half of the prawn crackers that are supposed to be to share. Put the rest into a bowl and thrown the packet away. Am I going to get found out?

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The jambalaya wont be ready for another hour?!

Waiting for my leeks to cool down. :smirk: Gonna make some salmon/leek/cheesy filo pasty pie thing. :blowfish: :pie:

Sitting on the tarmac at Heathrow waiting for my flight to Glasgow to take off. I’m beat

trying to take a nap but I’m still awake

I am also waiting in my class for my gym class to start which is in the park this week!

(I quite need to do a poo)

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  • Buy a pair of dungarees
  • do not do that

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Evening. Had :shrimp: and :avocado: after someone talked about them in the lunch thread #susceptible. Eating pistachios and panicking about how much stuff I have to pack.

@japes how’s the bum?

never better :+1:

who decides what threads will close a day after the last reply

Doing toddler bedtime on my own for the second day running. Currently putting off bath time by watching yellow submarine on YouTube.

Pre-evening to you all. Waiting for the TV and baby to wake up, so watched those Frankie Boyle Russia World Cup programmes and had a beer.

Hi everyone. I bought birthday Oreos! It is not my birthday. I also have a lot of ice, no freezer and a room temperature bottle of white wine :thinking:

oh yeah I was going to watch that. any good?

Why are they birthday oreos?

Same thing I do with all my free time now look at flats on zoopla.

I’m no FB fan, but it was as pretty decent to be tbh. A little soft and nothing too hard hitting, but a nice look at the other side of Russia

I suspect it’s because they have funfetti in them. It’s not very obvious -

The second one is a bit better I suppose

I’m going to do this with every single one