Pre-Internet Titillation

Red Shoe Diaries
Naked Jungle

What else was there?

Sara Cox on MTV

Naked Jungle


Channel 5 Friday night films starring Shannon Tweed

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Channel 5 Friday night films starring Shannon Whirry

Pretty sure there was a channel that showed topless darts


That’ll be L!ve TV. Not technically pre-internet, but certainly pre-broadband.


The lingerie section of the Littlewood’s catalogue.

Looking at the back of shite horror vhs

French films on channel 4

My mum’s German magazines which would occasionally have an ad for shower gel with a photo of a woman washing herself with her boobs out.


Discarded jazz mags on the local park


Kept any?

Etched into my mind. They also used to have live action ones as well on the telly. We had German satellite at home with RTL so used to get a bit of smut on there, Tutti Frutti - shit like that.

Hedge porn.

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Late night movies on SBS (only Australian disers will get this)