Pre-Internet Titillation



Kept any?


Etched into my mind. They also used to have live action ones as well on the telly. We had German satellite at home with RTL so used to get a bit of smut on there, Tutti Frutti - shit like that.


Hedge porn.


Late night movies on SBS (only Australian disers will get this)



Is that our man @saps on the left?


does @saps have ‘Mitchell Beazley’ tattooed on his thigh?


Who knows. It’s definitely him though


Oh god. Cannot unsee.


German gel girls? GGG? (fairly niche joke)


Sex & Shopping
Blue Review
Tarrant on TV
Some late night Channel 5 thing with like a Hackers-style lady as a talking head introducing weird clips from TV and film which often had a naked element.