pre lunch lunnch thread

current hunger level

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  • 10 - very hungry

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got: pork + quinoa thing

eta: 1hr 39 mins

will i make it? doubtful

Nothing much in the house so no food for little ol’ funkhouser until I get off my heinie and get to the supermarket.


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Can I shock you? I’m already eating lunch.

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porridge looks good though

You trying to be funny? It’s houmous and sweet chilli jam.

got - felafel, hummus, tomato, spinach and sriracha sandwich, 1x apple 1x pear 1x fanta zero

want - fajitas and wedges

thought it was rice pudding

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ETA 1.5 hrs.

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Going to the new Northern Soul deli and trying one of their new sandwiches.

Making burritos


pittas w/pepper, olives, cucumber, tomatoes, hot sauce; apple; yog; paprika max

feta in my pitta (vegan this month innit)



ETA ??

Went from a 3 to a 5 in the time it took me to read the thread

Mulling over pakoras as an option

ETA 50 mins

Ok that clearly wasn’t enough for lunch and yet it was 600 calories. Irked.

getting pasta from the pasta shop literally right now. penne 'nduja, should be decent.

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pakoras for lunch??


why no tho

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