pre lunch lunnch thread

Less mulling, more eating



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Oh lord I want this place to be next to my flat. Get the chefs choice pakora. Or one of their spring rolls. Or a pakora wrap.

Leftover chilli from last night.

chefs choice = all the ones we haven’t sold that are about to go off

i’ve got pulled pork mac n cheese

it’s 10/10


I made a vat of dhal on Monday. About to have it for lunch for the third day in a row, with rice and nan.

I’m probably about 60% garlic at this stage.

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and for pudding either

  • snickers crisp
  • peanut butter kit kat chunk

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normal version of either

not an option

also snickers crisp is somehow better than the original, it’s just a fact i’m sorry

Might get a burger. Shouldn’t get one, but might do it anyway.

protein snicks

Had: some sort of depressing lentil pot and some boring salad.

Would have liked: pakora, now I’ve read this thread.

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maybe i should eat more lentils

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Maybe we should all eat more lentils?

Edit: other than @weeber, sounds like he’s eating plenty.

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i know you said they were depressing but still i kinda want lentils now

Lentils are good if they are done right. Pot lentils aren’t the best way to go though.

Very hungry. Resisted toast today and will have a salad for lunch coz i’m trying to be good. Boohoo.

Half haggis, half aubergine, spicy mango dip


want it

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