Pre-order my band's debut LP!

Hey sorry for new thread but this is a big one. My band have launched a kickstarter for pre-orders of my band’s debut record (t-shirts too!) so hoping a few of you might be interested!

Details here, we will be touring in new year. cheers!


You forgot to log out and log in as your My Vitriol account mate


you do love a JAG

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May as well try and get something out of you cynical lot :wink:

(And actually, in DiS defence, I’ve usually been quite successful)

I’ll support you, good luck! x

Def speak to Tommy/Matt re good vinyl pressing deals.

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thank you man!

Good shout, cheers!

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Sounds excellent. I’ll donate something after work.

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Amazing thanks, also @Sketches !

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I didn’t realise you were in Maths and Ice Sea Dead People. I loved Ice Sea Dead People especially, so i’ll definitely contribute.

I saw Ice Sea Dead People a few times, once at the Brixton Windmill, an all dayer at Bloomsbury Bowling Lanes, and a Small Town America all dayer. A friend was on the same bill all three times I think.

Yeah Maths was my first band, I was the original of what would turn out to
be many bassists haha.

Nice! I was only in ISDP’s final year when I moved to London as Craig was a
long-time friend and then it kinda morphed into Spoilers, but I did play
brixton windmill a couple times

Will punt a fiver towards it at some point in the couple of weeks. Big fan of Maths both before and after you were in it.



You know what I meant! Before/during/after/always Maths

Cheers everyone who has helped so far, amazed by what a great start it was. Here is a Friday bump.

Hey, new week and new bump! Also This Friday, Glasgow DiSsers, we are playing a stripped down version at a house show, but people are invited!

We’re gonna try and film some of it too and put it up when we get it back.

One week left and we are close! Please help get us over the line!

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in other news, my first ever LP got a nice review from DiS today (thank you if you’re watching!)