Pre-wedding celebrations - are these a thing?


Got invited to a pre-wedding celebration a week before a wedding. Fuck am I going to that. Are these a thing now or do I just have dickhead friends?


They have competitions and if you lose you get uninvited to the wedding


You’ve reminded me of a friend that received two save the date cards for two separate weddings but wasn’t invited to either.

What’s up with that?


On second thoughts, I’ll go.


The fuck isn’t your avatar you wearing THE HAT?[quote=“Jeremys_Iron, post:4, topic:262, full:true”]
On second thoughts, I’ll go.


If you liked the people this wouldn’t be a problem


I might’ve been guilty of sending a couple of save the dates out to people and then not inviting them to the big day. Whoopsie.


Usually happens if the wedding is abroad and people are getting there a day or so early, like a few drinkies the night before. Think a week before sounds very American


:smiley: No hats at this one but definitely a waistcoat.


On purpose?



It’s audaciously self-indulgent.


Oh my, what an avatar choice.


In my defence, I hadn’t spoken to them in the year they received the save the date to the day the invites were sent, nor did they get back to me about my stag. Not even a ‘sorry I can’t come’, just radio silence.


My parent recently attend one for their neighbours daughter a week before her wedding (I think they were invited more out of obligation as the Neighbours are borrowing a load of games we built for my brother’s wedding earlier in the year). They called it a Wedding Shower.


They are friends of my wife.


We had to do a rehearsal dinner the night before the wedding. It was as big as a lot of people’s weddings. Stupid idea.


Apt title.


Shower of Shit more like.

(My wife had a bridal shower, months before the wedding, where people gave her / us gifts, but I thought that was an American thing).


They have a thing called a “kitchen tea” in South Africa where you go and people give you all the presents for your home
Kind of like a hen do but not a hen do
You also have a hen do
You also have to bring a gift to the wedding


is it not called an engagement party?!

I had one of these, warning though, does not mean you’ll definitely get married.