Precarious Workers Thread


A place for precarious workers to talk about work. Anyone out there?

They just cut my lunch break in half :man_shrugging:.


hours change week to week, no money is guaranteed, don’t get holiday etc cus i’m freelance, but am happier than I have been in a while, workwise


Classic. Glad you’re doing ok though. :ok_hand::crossed_fingers:


how can they cut the lunch break? no contract?


0 hour contract. I’ve been working about five years at this place.
A twelve hour shift gave an hour lunch break until last week when they decided they’d change it to 30 minutes. Legally, that’s still more than they’re required need to.


This is fucking scandalous


Wow it really is and they dont even apply to emregency services. Just an other thing for Corbyn to sort out.

@shyguy2013 (it doesn’t sound like it) but are you using a computer? If so may be entitled to DSE breaks.


Yeah, unfortunately I don’t think they’re doing anything unlawful, so unless you can rely on persuasion and their better nature (if they have one) to change it back, I think you’re stuffed, sadly.


I’m on that temp life, it’s quite good in one way because the money is good but it’s stressful, far away, often at short notice (agency phoned me at 7.45 to get somewhere at 8.15 that is over an hour away, while I’m en route agency calls to say im too late so go home. Have already crossed into zone 1 by then and missed the half hour window to not get charged :sweat:)

It’s alright though, I’ve had good jobs in the past but my anxiety just made it so hard to keep them so this is actually easier for me tbh


Thought this would be a thread about people dangling from buildings and stuff…


Went down this rabbit hole yesterday :grimacing:


Staircase that mate


I’ve had to take a job while on holiday cos work’s been so scarce lately and I need the money. I don’t think my in-laws really get it and think I’m being a bit rude by taking on work but I’d much rather go for a walk with them than sit in a holiday cottage with my laptop.


It’s only a matter of time before I have something to post in here.

A year or two ago they moved 80% of my floor out to Dublin, and there’s been four rounds of redundancies since I started. Still here though. For now at least.


What’s underneath? Sound very precarious if you’re not on the ground floor


No computer to have breaks from I’m afraid.

I’m going to try to set up a support group for people in similar jobs in the area. Not sure there’s much appetite for it though which is a shame.