White Christmas 2023. There you fucking go.

What you got?


It would be nice to have one sooner wouldn’t it? For the kids and everything.


It sure would and I’m not predicting there won’t be.


I reckon they’ll be growing fresh teeth within 10 years


Big bust on organised doping in football - Early 2018


Nuclear winter 2021…


Need a month


Who are? Birds?




dentists, ya big turkey. sure they’re already doing this on mice. might be wrong though


2023, Lucien’s grand return (possibly tailed by Fidel’s slightly slimier, less grand return)


driverless planes : august 2029


Is it possible to get this stickied? Until the last predicted date expires.

Currently August 2029 (driverless plane)


we basically already have them don’t we?

I thought these days the pilots were just there to take over when things go pear shaped and look good in aviators


death penalty reinstalled february 2026
gum you like coming back in style (twin peaks reference)


Please do not argue with the predictors. Get predicting!


I reckon they’ll still have to hire someone to just sit in front of the controls otherwise people would just freak their collective nut.


still there though aren’t they



The Queen to live until 100 and get a telegram from herself.