Predictions for **next** hit songs



Any predictions for the next hit songs? My friend told me about Closer by Chainsmokers 2 months before I ever heard it on the radio. It’s always fun to be on the cutting edge of the next big thing.


ispy by Kyle





Did anyone say ipsy by Kyle yet?


it’s M.O, and has been for nearly four years


What will the next big trend in pop be?


solid call. Not a huge pop fan, but i could see this blowing up.


big shout. I can see these guys lighting up the charts this year.



that nu god awful box-ticking Ed Sheeran thing… ‘at the club’ ‘babeh i love your bod-ay’. it’ll be number 1 next week.


He doesn’t have a new maths themed album out does he? Housemate will be playing me ‘absolute tunes’ every time I make dinner for months. It’d be endearing if it wasn’t so shit


Yeah, it’s so contrived its even co-written by one of the guys behind the current number 1. He must do pretty well for himself to be fair.


I hear Autechre are making a bid for mainstream success, swapping the I in IDM with an E in their new track…

fiwuhjhuyh74837fguwgYudh (feat Pitbull)


I tried to google ipsy by Kyle but couldn’t even find it.

What a shit Jag.


oh god it’s called ÷ hahahahaha

hopefully that means he might fuck off after he makes -


I’m going to see how long I can go without hearing any of his new stuff this year. I’ll probably make it to febuary



Thanks Mr Street Teamer


This is an old post but the topic is perfect for this… This artist named drewmat that I found on spotify through my discover weekly is already making hits but has almost no recognition Its only a matter of time before you start hearing his music on the radio so hop on the bandwagon now