predominant colours in your house, by room, NOT including white or wood shades

lounge: grey, green
bedroom: purple
kitchen: light blue, light green
study: dark blue
bathroom: charcoal, taupe

this doesn’t need to be walls or floors either. could be cause of curtains, crockery, upholstery etc

Bog: grey

Everything else : n/a


Kitchen and bathroom are piss yellow and light brown, a beautiful combination we can all agree.
Bedroom also yellow but a nicer yellow.
Living room is a mess of lots.


Lounge: pale blue, teal, yellow
Hall: pale green
Everything else: pretty much white/grey. Going to put a dark blue wall in the downstairs shitter, got Big Plans for your kitchen, bedrooms are being left white till they need decorating

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what the hell are you going to do to my kitchen?


Shit on every surface. Even the inside of drawers.

the hell!

Kitchen: grey
Living room: mustard
Hallway: light green
Downstairs bog: dark blue
Bedroom: grey
Bathroom: black and white

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Done in loads of subtle shades of blue and grey but I cannot tell the difference between any of these as I am as colour blind as fuck.


Kitchen: Red
Bathroom: Blue
Lounge: Grey

what colour’s yer crockery?

Darkening with age


sideplateDarkness sideplateDarkness


I’m going to answer this with the plans for my new house (currently decorating):

music room/snug: mustard and brown
kitchen: apple/mint green and white
bedroom: teal and dusky pink
spare room: coral (feature wall only)
son’s bedroom: blue and grey


this is a very, very pleasing sounding house.

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Porch: just brown really tbh
Hallway: Pale blue and white
Lounge: Pastel green (it has a name, can’t think of it) and dark grey
Reception: Burgundy and blue
Kitchen: Yellow / Royal blue
DS WC: Yellow / white
Games: Monochrome with burgundy trim
Bed 1: Two tone greys
Bed 2: Cream and navy
Bed 3: Dark pink and a dark purple (mauve?)
Bed 4: cream and coffee
US WC: Two tone blues, with white

This might be something that is well known and people have done stand up routines and stuff but it just struck me what absolute bullshit the rainbow song is:

Red and yellow and pink and green
Purple and orange and blue,
I can sing a rainbow,
Sing a rainbow,
Sing a rainbow too.

Lounge: teal
Bedroom: nice rich yellow
Kid bedroom: pinK
Bathroom: grey
Kitchen: mint green
Office/crud hole: red
Back room: n/a
Hallway: n/a but it has nice Victorian tiles which give it a vibe

With out looking

Kitchen - white, black, wood, splash of red
Dining / lounge area - white, green, black, yellow
Bedroom - white, black, green
Toilet - white, black, red

Not sure about other rooms

I would like a bit more blue really

Bathrooms - gross beige colour, white, green, black