Prefects #schoolweek

Who was a prefect then?

Got made one by default. Every school bus required a year 11 to be a ‘bus prefect’ (dunno either) which meant I had to wear a little orange badge on the bus and uphold some sort of society, idk

Ruined my carefully curated and extremely cool reputation, that did

Didn’t have them, obviously.


I bet loads of you dickheads were prefects.

God imagine wanting to be a fucking prefect or head boy/girl or whatever. Absolute fucking dickheads the lot of them.


Please add #schoolweek to the title of the thread


Obviously wasn’t a prefect. Did once tell an NQT to fuck off when he told me to tuck my shirt in because I assumed he was a 6th form prefect though.

LOL gimps.



Didn’t have them at our school.

Head boy in primary school, brutally snubbed in secondary school after I offended a few of the bluenoses with my cocky stride and musky odours (played in shit bands instead of doing extracurricular stuff)

Prefects got

  • Needy shit badge
  • Needy shit tie
  • Something else
  • Didn’t have them

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Wtf did head boy do in primary school

Got bogwashed


Went to a teacher’s mum’s funeral as a representative of the school. First time I saw a dead body.

Deputy head boy, I take it?

I was never a prefect. I was too awkward and talked too much in class.

I remember the prefects at high school got to wear different ties, they bloody loved those stupid ties.

Got first go on the tonka truck

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And you went back for more in secondary. Take a good hard look at yourself

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Used to be allowed to walk around the playground holding the dinner ladies’ hand

I didn’t! I was too busy perfecting my fingering by then

Did you have head boy and head girl?

  • Yes
  • No

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If yes, were you one?

  • Yes
  • No

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