Premature Baby Charity - Music Festival - volunteer artists request.

I’m posting here because it seems the best place but if the mods want to move it then that’s cool.

A colleague of mine is raising money for Action Medical Research, a charity focussed on premature babies:

At Action Medical Research, we fight for answers. Answers that can lead to cures, treatments
and medical breakthroughs for some of the toughest fights our children face.

Over 1,000 babies die each year in the UK due to premature birth. Globally, it’s the biggest
killer of children under 5.

We know that by pushing for medical breakthroughs, we can save children’s lives, but we
can’t do this alone.

As part of this there is an online music festival this Friday and he is looking for artists to record a video of a song, along with a few words of introduction / well wishing that could be played as part of this event. IF you wanted to play live that could also be arranged but pre-recorded is fine - it’s going to be going out through Facebook on Friday (12 March 20:00 - 23:30 - see or

Please DM me if you are interested in taking part.

I’m not a volunteer artist but as a father of a premature baby good luck to them!

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Thanks :slight_smile: