Bit late but let’s get this started for week 1.

The Rules

Just pick the winner of one Premier League match each week. If your selection wins you progress to the next week, lose or draw and you’re out. You get one extra life.

Once a selection is made, you will not have the ability to change it after the first match of that round has kicked off.

You may not pick the same team to win more than once during the competition (unless it lasts more than 20 games)

All selections must be received before kick-off of the first match of the week

Should you forget to make your selection in any week, you will automatically be assigned the lowest placed team that you have not already selected.

Week 1 fixtures

I’ll take Liverpool, cheers

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I will take Manchester United

Spurs please

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Bournemouth please

Oh, last time we did this I think there was the idea of having lives to extend it a bit. So you could get one or two results wrong before being out

  • No lives
  • One life
  • Two lives

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We don’t all have to pick unique suggestions, do we?

Can I duplicate Liverpool too or do I need to nominate a different team?

No, completely free choice. You can have Liverpool (but then can’t choose Liverpool again)

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Bournemouth please.

If I make it past week six, I’m sure I’ll rue the decision!


Spurs please

Bournemouth for me also, please and thanks

Liverpool please, Bob




Would you mind adding the one life rule into OP please. poll looks pretty clear cut

Bournemouth please

95% certain Bournemouth are almost Everton levels of never win when you need them to, fyi

Spurs, please